Statistical reports can be generated during or after the game.


For each player the following is displayed:


  TIG - Time in Game - Playing time

  I/O -  Number of times in the game/Number of times out of the game

  Goals - Number of goals scored and the time in minutes of the goals

  Cards - Y indicates a Yellow Card, R indicates a Red Card.  Time of violation in minutes is also given.

  +/-    Rough measure of effect on the game. Indicates the number of goals scored while player is in the game. +1 for a goal scored by their team, -1 for a goal scored by the other team. The measure in parenthesis denotes a scaling based on playing time.


The report can be emailed or printed when the iPad is connected to a network.  Also a csv file for use in spreadsheets can be emailed as well.



A Playing Time Graph Report can also be generated to indicate when the individual players were in the game.