A. How to Get Started


  1. Setup game length by setting number of Periods and length of Periods in the Edit Clock menu.             At this point you don't need to adjust the other controls.


  2. Load or Create a Team for both Visitor and Home.

      a. Teams can be created in the Edit Team screen and used for future games. 

      b. The Create Team command will help create a simple team quickly just for the current game. Individual edits can be made by double-tapping the player marker and changing the name, size, etc.

      c.  The Add Player command will appear after a team is loaded or created to allow additions to a team.

      d.  You may decide not to load/create one or both teams.  If so, the score and game time can still be tracked, but no individual statistics are kept.

  3. Move the player markers on or off the field depending on whether they are in the game or not.

  4. Start the game clock at kickoff by tapping on the game clock at the top of the screen. It will stop automatically at the end of each period, but if you need to pause the clock for some reason, just tap the game clock again.

  5. When a player scores a goal or gets a yellow or red card, double-tap the player marker and assign the goal or card, then press accept.  The overall score will be updated appropriately.

  6. At the end of the period, an opportunity to add stoppage time will appear.  If you don't need stoppage time, select cancel.  To start the next period, press the game clock.

  7. At the end of the last period, an option to end the game, add extra periods, add stoppage time, or go into a shootout will appear.



B. How to Create a Team


  1. Press the Edit Team command to move to the Edit Team screen.

  2. To add a player to the team, just drag a marker from the right side to the field.

  3. Double-tap on the player marker to make edits such as assigning a number and/or name to the player, change it's size, or change it's color.

  4. Repeat for each player.

  5. Give the team a name by tapping the the text area next to the Team Name at the top of the screen, enter the team name and press return.

  6. If you make additional changes, make sure to use the Save command to store your edits.

  7. To edit an existing team, use the Load command and select the team of interest.  You can also delete an existing team if it is no longer needed within the Load command.


C. How to upload team line-up to the cloud to share with others


  1. Make sure the iPhone is connected to either the cell phone network or Wifi.
  2. Touch the Load Team button.
  3. Next to the team you want to upload, touch the upload to cloud button
  4. Once it is uploaded, an ID number will appear                      as well as the date of the file.
  5. The ID number can then be given to others to download that line-up.






D. How to download a team line-up


  1. Ensure that the iPhone is connected to the cell-phone network or to Wifi.
  2. Touch the Load Team button.
  3. Select the download from cloud button
  4. Enter the cloud ID number from the owner of the line-up.
  5. The team line-up will be copied to your iPhone and then can be loaded into the game.